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Are You Struggling With Meltdowns or "Tantrums" Over Every Little Thing? You aren't Alone!

In this guide, I'll show you how to diffuse your child's meltdowns, how to help them manage their BIG emotions, and more.

Learn the #1 reason your child has meltdowns (and other challenging behaviors)

Avoid meltdowns by identifying the red flags your child is moving into "meltdown territory"

Learn the secret sauce to diffusing even the biggest mega-meltdowns...often within seconds

Learn what to do AFTER the help your child learn from what happened

Feedback from parents like you!

Wow! Day 1 and not only did the managing meltdowns technique practically stop a meltdown in it’s tracks 3 times today, but also the number of overall meltdowns seemed to be reduced as well! There is hope! Highly recommend giving Holly’s method a try! -Tammy Z.

It was rather magical. - Elizabeth W. 

My son's meltdowns were becoming seriously overwhelming for my partner and I, to the point where we dreaded going out in public. Following this method we were able to not only successfully defuse several meltdowns with verbal communication, but also recognise the signs that our son was irritable and more prone to having a meltdown! We're very happy with the results so far and feel our relationship with our son is actually improving as we are reasoning with him on his level instead of panicking and disciplining where totally unnecessary. - Meg H.

When I was offered this simple technique it has changed everything. We instantly put it to work.. The first time we used it will forever be an amazing memory...Life changing moment for all of us. Well, it truly wasn't the last time she acted out of course. But we have come such a long way in a short time. Even now we can address feelings BEFORE they even happen and can prevent the meltdown. So grateful for this information. Life changing. - Lenora R. 

I just did #2, and it worked. I'm shocked. -Holly S. 

I've read lots of books and tried lots of different strategies with my spirited 4 year old, and it's the tips in this guide that have been most effective with her. - Lauren W. 

The Managing Meltdowns Guide

What You'll Get:

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My 24-page guide to Managing Meltdowns, which contains my "secret sauce" to diffusing meltdowns, fast.

VALUE: $47

The complete audio version of the guide, so you can learn while you work, exercise or care for your child.

VALUE: $27

22 Meltdown Scripts so you always know exactly what to say (and not say) during a meltdown

VALUE: $27

My quick start self-regulation guide 5 exercises to teach your child how to regulate their emotions.

VALUE: $17

About Me


Hi! I'm Holly Klaassen, parenting consultant and mom to two kids, now ages 13 and 16. I'm passionate about helping parents of kids who are "more": more intense, more persistent, more sensitive, and more determined than other kids.

With a Master's degree in Family & Human Development, my goal is to make life easier for parents of spirited and strong-willed kids. My website, The Fussy Baby Site, has been a source of information and support for millions of parents, and my Facebook parenting support groups help around 60,000 parents, each and every day.

My parenting advice has been featured in major media outlets like Huffington Post, Today's Parent, Parents magazine, and many others.

My goal is always to share super-practical, effective techniques that actually WORK for spirited, intense, and strong-willed help you actually ENJOY your child!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the Managing Meltdowns System best for?

Honestly...pretty much any age! While the techniques may change slightly depending on your child's age, the principles stay the same. That said, since meltdowns tend to occur largely between the ages of 1.5 and 7/8, this is likely the ideal age range for this training.

What if I decide it isn't right for me?

If you don't find value in this training, I don't want to keep your money! Email me within 7 days and I'll send you a no-questions-asked full refund.

I've tried everything, how is this different?

These are the techniques I teach my clients, that are tailored specifically to our more sensitive, intense, determined kids. We need to communicate our soothing in a way they can actually understand it...which is what is at the heart of this method.

What formats are the guide & bonuses in?

Managing Meltdowns, the scripts, and the self-regulation guide are all in PDF format, so can be read on any device. The audio file is in M4A format, which can be listened to on most devices, including Android tablets and phones, as well as Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

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