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We all want to discipline our spirited child in a way that's both effective and respectful. 

But there's a problem.

  • You've read all the books, and the advice just doesn't seem to work for your child
  • Yelling or nagging seems to be the only way to get your child to listen
  • You waffle between being really strict and firm, and giving in to avoid another fight
  • You may know what works, but don't have the energy to stay committed to it
  • You don't have the $$ to hire a parenting coach or take an expensive online course
  • You and your partner struggle to get on the same page when it comes to discipline
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Practical Discipline Strategies for Spirited Kids has everything you need to get your discipline (back) on track, fast.

Discipline doesn't have to involve yelling, threats, or even sounding fact, research shows this isn't ideal for spirited kids.

Discipline becomes effective only when you put what you know into practice...not just when you read about it in a book or online. 

Discipline with spirited kids requires us to be more flexible and more creative, and to challenge our own beliefs about parenting.

About Me


Hi! I'm Holly Klaassen, parenting consultant and mom to two kids, now ages 14 and 16. I'm passionate about helping parents of kids who are "more": more intense, more persistent, more sensitive, and more determined than other kids.

With a Master's degree in Family & Human Development, my goal is to make life easier for parents of spirited and strong-willed kids. My website, The Fussy Baby Site, has been a source of information and support for millions of parents, and my Facebook parenting support groups help around 60,000 parents, each and every day.

My parenting advice has been featured in major media outlets like Huffington Post, Today's Parent, Motherly, Parents magazine, and many others.

My goal is always to share super-practical, effective techniques that actually WORK for spirited, intense, and strong-willed help you actually ENJOY your child!

It's time to feel confident in how you discipline!

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Here's what others are saying about the Practical Discipline Strategies Training...

"Life changing! I was at my wits end and felt totally clueless about how to parent my son. This training is super practical, and makes so much sense, gave me tons of ‘ahhhh’ moments, and feels like something I can really get on board with. I recommend this 100%! Gave me so much more empathy and patience for my son, understanding more about his age and stage of development, and his personality as a highly spirited boy! Feel less alone too, knowing other parents experience this with their children. Seriously the best investment I have made in a long time! Thanks Holly, you have gave me hope again 💛" -Morgan J.

"This is my second training with Holly and found it, again, to be extremely helpful. There’s a nice range of topics covered relating to not only understanding your spirited child but understanding how we as parents react and address these behaviors. She’s thorough and everything is very easy to understand and implement. Every time I used the information with my spirited children (yes, I have 2), I saw immediate results. Of course, every child and family is different but, we had SO many takeaways from this training to use when different situations arise that help keep me focused and calm and results in fewer, less frequent meltdowns. I can’t say enough good things. The only negative I have to say is I wish it was longer! Thanks for making me more comfortable and confident when parenting my spirited children, Holly!" -Lauren G.

"This training session has been a huge eye opener to me and how I have been contributing to the chaos in our household. I loved implementing all of the approaches and seeing my child respond so positively because there weren’t any power struggles involved and felt that we were working together. I’ve always struggled with connecting with my spirited kiddo but I feel like we’ve been getting to learn more about each other and I am truly grateful for the perspective Holly has given us!" - Shay Z.

"I pride myself in connective parenting, but parenting a spirited child takes the cake. Holly managed to address, prior to asking, everything I've been struggling with. Honestly I don't know how she does it except for the fact she's been in our shoes. So, not only does her course offer guidance and her scholarly background gift us wisdom, her personal experience is what speaks volumes to the challenges of what we deal with on a daily basis. It's been monumental of a shift that our whole family needed. So much gratitude". - The Wishstar family

"The training with Holly was fantastic. I feel like she really understands the essence of what it means to raise a spirited child and the struggles we go through on a daily basis. Her training was easy to follow along and organised in a very comprehensible manner. I had read a lot about raising a spirited child already but it felt like she just beautifully condensed all the overwhelming and sometimes confusing information and made it more accessible that way. The "homework" tasks were applicable and there was enough time and opportunity to ask questions or clarify new situations we had run into. After 10 days, I really feel it's made a difference already in our family. Thank you, Holly! "

"Holly is fantastic at communicating with other parents of fussy children. She is nonjudgmental and is extremely proactive in finding realistic solutions for your unique child/family. This course allowed to me to take a step back and see myself and my son in a new light, and really appreciate all that my son is. Spirited kids can be the biggest blessing and Holly's course revealed my son's best traits to me in ways I never thought of before. I don't see a meltdown as him trying to make my life miserable anymore, but instead trying to work through an issue and he wants my help sometimes." - Jennifer H.

"Holly's training helped me find new tools to deal with my spirited child. It’s so hard to find productive ways to discipline a spirited child. It was a relief to finally have someone understand the unique needs of a spirited child and outside the box ways to deal with them." - Danna

"Before this training, I had no idea how much I was doing that simply was never going to work for my high needs toddler. I noticed a major difference alone when I changed my tone. This workbook is packed with eye opening info! - Sara T.

"After completing this training I feel as though I have more ideas to help my son. I knew some of the information, but it was explained in a way that made more sense to me. How to accomplish these positive parenting ideas to help my relationship with my son was explained to a point that it isn't so overwhelming and I believe I CAN implement this." - Elishia B.

Here's what you'll learn inside Practical Discipline Strategies

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Day 1: 3 Reasons Discipline May Not Be Working

Day 2: Deciding on Your Limits Ahead of Time

Day 3: Keeping Yourself Calm in the Storm

Day 4: Taking the Battle out of Transitions

Day 5: A Simple 3-Step Discipline Formula

Day 6: How to Use Consequences

Day 7: 5 More Discipline Tools That Won't Trigger Power Struggles

Day 8: 5 Ways to Reduce Challenge Behaviors

Day 9: The Right Way to Use Time-Ins

Day 10: Putting Together Your Personalized Discipline Action Plan


Plus, I'm going to throw in some awesome bonuses, completely free.

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Discipline Cheatsheets

Cheatsheets to simplify and solidify everything you learn in the training. Print them and hang them around the house so you have easy access to the techniques in the heat of the moment.

VALUE: $47

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30 Days of Relationship-Building Activities

It's easy to become so focused on discipline that we forget to just have FUN with our spirited kiddos! These activities will boost positive feelings and help you enjoy your child.

VALUE: $14

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10 Scripts to Get Your Child to Listen

Do you find you need to yell or threaten to get your child to listen? Use these 10 scripts to get better listening, fewer meltdowns, and less defiance.

VALUE: $14

To sum it all up, you get all of the following when you register now:

  • The Practical Discipline Strategies 100-page guide (Value: $77)
  • The Practical Discipline Strategies printable workbook (Value: $47)
  • The Practical Discipline Strategies cheatsheets (Value: $47)
  • The Printable Personalized Discipline Action Plan (Value: $47)
  • 30 Days of Relationship-Building Activities (Value: $14)
  • 10 Scripts to Get Your Child to Listen (Value $14)

This is a total value of $246

Get started now for just $47 USD

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