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Coaching for Parents of "Spirited" & Strong-Willed Kids

If you have a child who has a BIG personality, you're in the right place.

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of the book, Raising Your Spirited Child, defines spirited kid as those who are more: more intense, more persistent, and more sensitive than other kids.

I often describe spirited kids as having personalities that are too big for their little bodies. This can result in lots of arguing, fussing, fighting, stubbornness and meltdowns when they’re young…all of which are really no fun (for them, or for you).

But if we can teach them it’s okay - and even GOOD - to have all those big feelings, that we love them unconditionally, and that they have incredible potential, we are truly setting them up for success: both now and in the future!

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Services & Courses

Parenting a spirited or strong-willed child isn't always easy. I offer a variety of services to help you be the parent you want to be for your spirited child! Whether you're looking for one-on-one help, online workshops or trainings, or a DIY online course, I've got you covered. 

Virtual Workshops

The perfect option for reaching your parenting goals, fast. I regularly offer 3 day to 3 week online programs where you (and a cohort of other parents) will gain specific skills to solve your current challenges. These interactive workshops are the ideal way to learn, practice and perfect your new parenting skills in a supportive group environment. 

Consulting & Coaching

Need help with a specific issue like discipline, meltdowns, sleep, or defiance? Or maybe you feel good about your parenting overall, but just need some advice or suggestions, or want to troubleshoot a specific problem? We'll tackle your issues either on an as-needed basis or through bi-weekly coaching sessions, either in Abbotsford, BC, or via Zoom.

DIY Online Course

Ready for serious change in your home? Want to use positive discipline, but don't know how to apply it to your sensitive, intense child? Do you prefer learning at your own pace with peer support? My research-backed, DIY course - with video lessons, audio download, worksheets and VIP  Facebook group - will get you there, fast. 

Need help now?

I'm just an email away. Send me a message describing your situation and I'll respond within 24 hours. 

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My Blog

This is where I'll be sharing strategies and ideas for parenting your spirited child with peace and respect, while also setting clear limits.

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"Having Holly as a resource has been so helpful. She has many simple, easy to implement ideas that WORK! She is easy to work with, and she is incredibly kind and sensitive to the needs of parents with a spirited little one. She also has interesting research and personal experience to back up all of the info she shares. She is positive yet practical, an important combination for working with little ones! ” -Kerri M., Client

About Me

Hi! I'm Holly Klaassen, Parent Coach & Consultant, mom to two big kids (and aunt to one little one), and wife of 21 years. I'm the Founder of The Fussy Baby Site and Facebook groups of over 45,000 parents of spirited kids. I've been supporting parents of spirited kids since 2007, shortly after my own spirited child came into the world, screaming. 

With a Master of Science in Family & Human Development and additional professional training in working with challenging kids, my passion is helping parents find peace and hope with their incredible spirited children

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