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This training is in PDF format, and is ideal for parents of spirited and strong-willed kids, ages 1-7/8.

Though the live online class is no longer being offered, you can now download the training and do it at your own pace over the course of 5 days...or however long you like!

Each morning, there is a written lesson and practical exercise. However, you can read the lesson and do the exercise whenever you have time! 

The topics for each day are:

DAY 1: How do you feel about your child's BIG emotions?
DAY 2: Teaching your child to identify emotions
DAY 3: Helping your child regulate in the heat of the moment
DAY 4: Teaching your child self-reg strategies to add to their "toolbox"
DAY 5: The science of self-regulation (when can kids do it on their own?)

Here's what a few students from the last sessions had to say:

"I've known about Holly via her newsletter for years, but never took the plunge to purchase a course - until now. And I'm so incredibly glad I did..." - Kaisa D.

"The Emotional Regulation course has been beyond our expectations..." - Vanessa W.

"I so wish I had taken Holly’s class 4 years ago when I first started searching for tools to help with my kid who just needed MORE..." - Olivia R.

"Within one week I already feel so much calmer when my daughter has a meltdown. This so so encouraging, and I thank you so much!" - Andrea C.

"It can be very difficult to find a course that is geared towards children who have intense needs, but this course met many of the goals I have for my child. Holly provided strategies and concrete activities to help regulate my child’s emotions. She was very responsive to questions and validated concerns. I would recommend this course to parents who are looking to add more resources to their tool belt." - Mary Ramansky

"Holly is real best it's like she is in my house and can put words on things. Sincerely Mersiha!" - Mersiha Kozic

"I came away with so many lightbulb moments, strategies and my own toolkit to help my children develop theirs and in the hope of being more emotionally regulated. These are skills and tools that will help them (and me) well into their teens and beyond. It’s worth it’s weight in gold, I can’t thank Holly enough". -Merren B.

"I am so appreciative of the time that Holly has spent creating this training. This course is well organized, easy to manage even when busy. I am so grateful to have more tools to help support my child emotionally as well as keeping my own mind and spirit energized. I highly recommend this course!"  - Melissa F. 

"So worth it! I have read many books and tried many methods but couldn't done much progress with my spirited 4 year old. Holly helped me troubleshoot and gave many helpful practical advices. I guess God is in the detail and now I have a clear picture of what I should do when my girls emotions becomes too big for her to handle. It's not a quick fix but with consistency and time we got this!"  -Eva Z. 

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